OIT Employment

Our Culture of Caring

We are proud of our highly-engaged employees, and seek to help them feel…


We focus on providing a welcoming environment during the recruitment and onboarding process, and throughout the time our employees are with the Office of Information Technology (OIT). This includes fostering a culture of inclusion, and encouraging our employees to show up as themselves every day and feel respected for their differences.

Physically healthy

PSU has an excellent benefits package that reflects the care we have for our employees’ health. This includes great healthcare for a very low cost (including coverage for partners and children), access to a gym/rec center, eight hours of paid sick leave per month, a commitment to ergonomics and sustainability, bike-friendly culture, and group activities like yoga and running.

Mentally and emotionally healthy

Employees accrue eight or more hours of vacation per month (and we encourage everyone to “unplug” and use it), retirement contributions, true support of a work-life balance by leadership, and a commitment to 40 hour work weeks. We encourage our staff to spend time enjoying their lives outside of work just as much (or more) as they enjoy it when they are here.


We strive to provide as much autonomy as we can while still providing structure, guidance, and accountability. We are as transparent with decisions and leadership as possible, including encouraging two-way communication. Our staff are smart and creative, and we love to hear their ideas and give them the tools to do what they do best!

Our best investment

In the face of tight funding, we are committed to the professional development of our employees and, as a university, accommodate time for learning. Each month we schedule a ‘catch up’ day on everyone’s calendars to allow for a deep dive into learning, or to get some serious uninterrupted work time for large tasks. Staff (or their dependents) receive an excellent tuition discount at any of the Oregon Public Universities and are encouraged to pursue degree programs.


We encourage communication with leadership in many ways, from regular meetings between staff and supervisors, annual 1:1 check-ins with the CIO, or through anonymous methods. OIT prioritizes regular feedback and all employees have an annual performance evaluation that includes an opportunity for two-way discussion; in addition, managers are checking in and providing/asking for input more than just once a year!

Empowered to make a difference

OIT employees are dedicated to the mission of the department—empowering students, faculty, and staff through technology. At PSU, we are changing peoples’ lives through education. We provide opportunities to connect to campus, including volunteering at events like graduation and collaborating with the PSU community. We want to provide an environment where everyone feels connected to the mission of the university as well as to their colleagues, where they are empowered to make a difference.