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Service description

Tableau Online is a cloud-based data visualization tool used to quickly organize data into easily understandable formats. With Tableau, you can create, publish, and share dashboards with colleagues using data from the DataMASTER data warehouse and other sources.

Service details

Tableau requires a named license for creating or viewing reports and dashboards. Once you have been granted a license, you can connect to Tableau Online at Sign in using your Odin account email address, including the You will be prompted to authenticate using PSU Single Sign-On.

Viewer license

View dashboards published by Explorers and Creators using Tableau Online. Read-only access.

Explorer license

View, create, modify, and share dashboards using Tableau Online.

Creator license

View, create, modify, and share dashboards using Tableau Online. Includes a license for Tableau Desktop, a powerful tool used to import, export, and transform data and design complex reports. Once a report is completed in Desktop, an author can publish the report to Tableau Online or choose to keep the report local. Desktop authors can share reports locally with one another.


This service is available to the following groups:

  • Faculty
  • Staff


Request this service

The university’s ability to provide access to Tableau is limited by the budget required to fund the licenses.

  • To request a Viewer, Explorer, or Creator license, complete an OAM Access Request for Tableau in the Odin Account Manager at
  • For step by step instructions, visit Request access to Tableau



Tableau training is by arrangement.