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Google Voice

Service description

Google Voice at PSU is available to university employees for calls, text messages, and voicemail. It is a core service covered by Portland State's Google Workspace for Education agreement with Google. 

You can use a Google Voice number to dial domestically or internationally using a web browser, mobile device, or traditional desk phone. With Google Voice, you can:

  • Easily call people in your contacts and at Portland State.
  • Text using your new number from any device.
  • Save time by reading your voicemail in your email inbox.
  • Receive protection from spam calls, block unwanted callers, and screen calls before answering.

Service details

When you start using Google Voice, you have the option to choose either a desk phone or wired headset. You also have the option to keep your existing PSU phone number, which will take 2 to 4 weeks to transfer. 


This service is available to the following groups:

  • Faculty
  • Staff


Request this service

Your first step to start using Google Voice depends on whether you have an existing PSU phone number (traditional phone service).