Internationalize your degree

PSU’s Russian Flagship Program is an innovative undergraduate Russian language program that helps you gain professional levels of proficiency in Russian while you pursue any major at PSU.   Our students cultivate marketable skills and prepare for global careers through coursework, one-on-one tutoring, internships and extensive study abroad in the Russian-speaking world.

As one of only six Russian Flagship programs in the entire country, PSU’s Flagship offers you an opportunity to add real international experience to your major.  Cross-cultural communication skills make you stand out in the job market, and professional level competency in Russian can enhance your career prospects.  Russian Flagship graduates now work in education, non-governmental organizations, international businesses here and abroad. Many work in government, especially, for the State Department and the Department of Defense. Read more about our alumni.

Joining the Russian Flagship Program

Students who haven’t studied Russian previously can join the Introductory Track of the Flagship program.  Students who have already studied Russian or come from Russian-speaking families can join the program at higher levels. All Russian courses teach you to communicate in the language, starting with basic needs and everyday topics, and then work up to courses where you will learn to converse in Russian about important topics in current events and their fields of interest.

Funded by The Language Flagship, an initiative of the National Security Education Program, PSU’s Russian Flagship Program (RFP) is committed to preparing students for exciting careers that use critical language skills in a globalized world.