About Flagship

The Russian Flagship Program at Portland State University is an innovative undergraduate Russian language program. It permits students majoring in any discipline to achieve professional levels of proficiency in Russian by integrating their study of the language into the university’s general education program. Funded by The Language Flagship, an initiative of the National Security Education Program, PSU’s Russian Flagship Program (RFP) prepares students for exciting careers using foreign language skills in a globalized world.

RFP has an Introductory Track for students with little or no prior experience in Russian and an Advanced Track for students who already read, write, and speak Russian well enough to participate in general discussions of academic topics. Students of both tracks take Russian language classes related to their general education program and to their major along with content classes conducted in Russian. RFP students spend one year at the Russian Overseas Flagship Center, where they combine coursework with an internship. The program culminates with a Senior Capstone conducted in Russian.

The Russian Flagship Program and PSU

In keeping with the goals of The Language Flagship, PSU offers a four-year undergraduate program that permits students to receive a Certificate of Advanced Proficiency in Russian while completing a degree in any discipline. Students in the program achieve Superior (professional) levels of proficiency in Russian through a combination of advanced language classes, Russian across the curriculum classes, content classes conducted in Russian, and study abroad. All students in the Russian Flagship Program are encouraged to select a major in addition to Russian. Students who complete the Flagship program will graduate with a double major in their major of choice and in Russian.


Russian Across the Curriculum

The core of the Russian Flagship Program is a series of Russian across the curriculum courses developed in partnership with the University’s award-winning general education program, University Studies. Conducted in Russian, these courses provide students with opportunities to discuss a wide range of topics of general interest:


Level I “Globalization,” a three-term sequence for students with strong Intermediate Mid/High skills in Russian.
Level II “American Studies,” “European Studies,” “Environmental Sustainability.” a three-term sequence for students with Intermediate High/Advanced Low skills in Russian.
Level III “Russian in the Major” a three-term sequence for students with Advanced skills in Russian. Students learn the professional discourse of their majors, and they present in public on research that they have conducted in Russian.
Level IV “Effecting “Change (Russian),” a three term-sequence conducted in Russian normally in a distance delivery format during the student’s Russian Overseas Flagship year. This course meets PSU’s University Studies requirement for a Senior Capstone.


 Students will be placed into Flagship designated courses on the basis of their proficiency in Russian.