Research Updates

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Research Updates

Research updates are short, digestible publications that OIRP occasionally produces on topics that are of interest to the PSU community.

Recent Research Updates

NSSE Pulse Survey Results
Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) offered a special fall survey (NSSE Pulse) in an effort to provide universities with data to inform campus actions in a timely manner. The Pulse survey included selected questions from the original NSSE survey that are most critical to understanding the undergraduate student experience. Between October 5 and November 23, more than 137,000 students from colleges across the U.S. and Canada responded to the survey. Among those who responded, some 1,064 were attending Portland State University (PSU).

2019-20 Senior Exit Survey Report
The Senior Exit Survey is an annual survey conducted by Portland State University’s (PSU) Office of Institutional Research and Planning to understand the academic experiences and post-graduation plans of graduating seniors. The survey asks questions related to the overall PSU experience, reasons for choosing an undergraduate field of study, interaction with faculty and staff, and post-graduation plans. The survey was emailed on April 13, 2020, to 2,877 students who had applied to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in fall 2019, winter 2020, and spring 2020. When the survey closed on June 1, 2020, some 1,068 students responded to the survey, a response rate of about 37 percent. Among those who responded, about 94 percent (1,006 students) completed the entire survey.

Analysis of Ten Years of Data on Summer Term
The Office of Institutional Research and Planning (OIRP) was asked to prepare a report covering ten years of trend data on Summer Term.  This was in response to a steep decline in enrollment in summer 2019.  The report contains findings from the data analysis and suggests areas of opportunity that could form the basis for institutional discussions about the future of Summer Term and its role in enrollment planning for the full academic year.

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