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Population Estimates

We produce annual Population Estimates for Oregon and its counties and cities, as well as the estimates by age and sex for the state and its counties. These estimates are widely used by the state and local governments, various organizations and agencies for revenue sharing, funds allocation, and planning purposes.

The population estimates are made as of July 1 of each year. We send the preliminary estimates to the state, counties, and cities in mid-November for review, and certify the estimates by December 15. The estimates are available on our web site. The annual Oregon Population Report is published in the following spring. The Oregon Annual Population Report presents the population estimates for Oregon and its counties and incorporated cities. It contains ten tables, including the population size for the state of Oregon and its counties and incorporated cities, the population for specific metropolitan areas, population splits of Oregon's incorporated cities that are located in more than one county, information on the population added to incorporated cities due to annexation, and estimates for the population by age and sex for the state of Oregon and its counties.

There are two sources of information for Oregon population projections. One source is the U.S. Census Bureau, which produces population projections for each state population, by age and sex. The second source is the Oregon Office of Economic Analysis, which produces county projections for the total population.