Making Oregon Count Symposium


2019 Census Data Users Conferences

The Census Data Users Conferences were held 10/1, 10/2 and 10/3

You can download the presentation documents from the conferences below: Training (pptx) 

Accessing the Census API with R Studio (pdx)   

Oregon Prepares for the 2020 Census (pptx)  

New Privacy Measures for the 2020 Census (pptx) 

2020 Census Data Products (pptx) 

Data Visualizations (pptx)  

Table shells potentially included in the Demographic and Housing Characteristics File (DHC) in the 2020 Census (xls)

The specification lists the tables included in the DHC, provides a crosswalk from the 2010 Summary File 1 table numbers to the new 2020 DHC tables. It lists tables that are new in the DHC as well as tables that were in SF1 but are not in the DHC. It shows the tables that will be included in the Demographic Profiles, and it provides the proposed lowest level of geography for each table.

As a reminder, the DHC will not include tables that provide counts by detailed race, detailed Hispanic origin, tribes and population by household/family types, due to challenges associated with the use of differential privacy for privacy protection. The Census Bureau is developing other solutions for the data products containing those tables.