Research Computing

The goal of Research Computing (RC) is to facilitate academic research computing and provide a high level of support for a range of systems and services to meet the diverse needs of the PSU research community. These systems are important components in the PSU campus cyberinfrastructure and include high performance networking, data storage, and computational systems.

Research Computing supports the following systems:

  • Research storage
  • Parallel computational clusters
  • Linux and Windows computational servers
  • Specialized web application hosting
  • Research databases

Research Computing provides the following services:

  • IT consulting for research systems
  • Grant consulting for research computing
  • System integration and programming
  • Support for research web application stacks
  • Software installation and support on research computing systems

Accessing Research Systems

If you have a research account you can access research systems using Secure Shell (SSH) and transfer files using Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP). The RC login server name is "".

To request a research shell account for server access, send an email to Include the following information in your request:

  • Your Odin username
  • Any additional access or services you require (e.g., software installation, or access to a research share, a database, or a parallel compute cluster)

Custom web application programming and support is provided by the Web Development Team. To request a research web site, please use the Website Creation or Access Request Form and select the Custom Built Site option under Request Type.

Further Resources

Contact Research Computing for additional assistance.