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PSU Google Drive

Google Drive will help you to manage and share your documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. You can use Google Drive to edit and manage your files online, or download any of your files onto your computer in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel formats. For more information on how to download Google Drive files, visit Manually download a file to your computer.

Setting Visibility and Access

One of Google Drive's most useful features is the ability to share your files with others, while controlling their visibility and access levels. You can control these settings for each individual file or for an entire folder. To learn more about visibility and access settings and how to control them, visit the Sharing settings overview page.

Organizing Your Documents

To keep your Google Drive contents organized, OIT recommends that you use folders and some sort of naming convention for docs. This can be especially helpful for repetitive docs (e.g., "8/15/2013 - Helpdesk Team Meeting", "9/15/2013 - Helpdesk Team Meeting"), as a naming convention will make it easier for you to find documents in your Drive.

It is also recommended that you use folders for uniform sharing. Sharing a folder will share its contents, including any items added to the folder in the future. If you need to copy the contents of a shared file, you can use the Make a copy feature. This feature allows you duplicate the file’s name, contents, and (if you choose) its collaborators.

Using Google Drive as a Team or Department

You can use Google Drive/Docs to share and collaborate on files with your team or department. The easiest way to do this is to create a Google Group and share a folder with it. Sharing content with a group makes it easier to modify access if a member of your team leaves or someone new joins the team, as you will only need to add or remove them from the Google Group, rather than from each file. To create a Google Group, submit the Google Groups Request Form (when your Google Group is created, you will then need to make everyone a member of the group).

Once you have a Google Group, follow these steps to create and share your folder:

  1. Go to
  2. Select the Create button, then select Folder.
  3. Name your folder and create it.
  4. Share the folder with your Google Group.
  5. Send an email to your group with a link to the folder and let them know they should use it to access your group files.

If you have an existing folder on your computer that you'd like to share, you also have the option of dragging and dropping that into your Drive. Google Drive will upload the folder and its contents, after which you can share it with your group like any other folder.

Transferring File Ownership

Google Drive contents are tied to the document owner, so if you leave the University, you should transfer any departmental documents that you own to someone else in the department. You can do this by transferring file ownership on your documents.

If you prefer to transfer all Drive contents, rather than specific documents, you can submit the Google Drive Transfer Request Form to have the entire Drive transferred for you.

Further Resources

Google maintains its own support resources for Google Drive/Docs, found at the following locations:

Contact the Helpdesk for additional assistance.