PSU Gmail

Going to is the recommended way of using your PSU email and managing your contacts. The web client provides an enhanced experience and is the most accessible way of managing your email. You can also sync your mobile device with your PSU Gmail account; visit Mobile Device Sync for more information.

Using Gmail Features

Using the web client allows you to use all of Gmail's features. Below is a list of some of the web client's most useful features:

  • Conversation View: This feature groups related messages together in a single view. Messages are grouped based on their subject line and a common initial message. Using Conversations is a good way to keep track of multiple emails that you send and receive about the same topic.
  • Labels: This feature is similar to using folders, but has the advantage of allowing you to apply several labels to a single conversation. This gives you a more robust method for organizing your mailbox.
  • Archiving: This feature allows you to archive your messages instead of deleting them, helping you keep your inbox tidy. Deleted message are automatically purged after 30 days, after which they are unrecoverable. In contrast, archiving removes the message from your inbox, but leaves it in your mailbox and retains any labels you applied to it. If you leave Conversation View enabled, the whole conversation will reappear in your inbox when someone replies to the thread.

Using Gmail Labs

Labs are features that are still being tested and have not yet been officially incorporated into Gmail. Although Labs are experimental, many of them can be used to add extra functionality to your Gmail usage. For more information about setting up Labs in Gmail, go to Google's Gmail Labs support page.

There are a few Gmail Labs that OIT recommends enabling, if you find that they are useful for you:

  • Undo Send: This feature allows you to unsend an email for a few second after you send it. This is helpful when you realize just a moment too late that you've added the wrong recipient to an email or spelled something incorrectly.
  • Apps Search: This feature extends your search beyond Gmail. When searching for a word or phrase from within Gmail, your search results will contain matching emails, Google Docs, and Google Sites.
  • Quick Links: This feature adds a box that gives you instant access to any URL that you have bookmarked in Gmail. This is handy for saving important messages and repetitive searches.

Further Resources

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