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Digital Media Recycling Standard

Approver Owner Date
Chief Information Officer Director, User Support Services (USS) Originally Approved: September 2014


The Digital Media Recycling Standard defines the procedure followed by Office of Information Technology (OIT) and Facilities and Property Management (FPM) in erasing, recycling, and destroying digital media equipment to ensure privacy and security.

Purpose and Applicability

All type of digital media equipment follow the process described in the Standards and Procedures Process Flow. The disposal policies shall apply to all hardware or electronic media that stores or has stored ePHI. Media which cannot be cleared is stored until it can be properly destroyed. Media that can be cleared is evaluated for redistribution or destruction. This standard applies to all OIT staff.


  • Digital Media Equipment: Equipment used to develop, store, or transfer digital media, such as desktop, laptop, and tablet computers.
  • Digital Media: Digitized content that can be transmitted over the internet or computer networks, including but not limited to text, audio, video, and graphics.

Standards and Procedures

Digital Media Recycling Procedure

  1. USS receives old digital media equipment:
    • Hard drives are pulled from systems at USS.
    • Hard drives are pulled from systems at Facilities recycle container.
  2. USS removes the hard drive and tags hard drive with a ticket number.
  3. USS determines if hard drive is functional:
    • If yes, it is stored to await the digital media erase process.
    • If no, it is physically destroyed and added to the Facilities recycle container pile for destruction.

Digital Media Erase Process

  1. USS hooks hard drive up to erasing machine.
  2. USS runs erase program.
  3. USS marks hard drive that has been wiped.
    • Hard drives larger than 80GB are placed on USS reuse shelf to be re-imaged and deployed to a new user.
    • Hard drives less than 80GB are placed in the Facilities container to be recycled.

Points of Contact

Contact the Helpdesk for assistance with digital media recycling.