Temporary OAI Friday Closure Our community’s response to COVID-19 has led to university-wide staffing furloughs, leading to a reduction in OAI's hours. We remain open Monday...


Hello, We’re the Office of Academic Innovation


We’re here to collaborate with faculty and educators across campus to promote and support effective student learning. From personal consultations to projects, workshops and events, we help instructors prepare and deliver their best work. Reach out if you seek support, suggestions or ideas, or if you would like to meet fellow instructors willing share their creative solutions!


We’re also curious about “what’s next?”. How can we serve our PSU students best in five, ten, twenty years from now? We facilitate conversations about the next generation learning environment through campus-wide events, and we fund projects that explore alternative pedagogies or pioneer digital learning tools. Through grants, publications, presentations and membership in several networks we actively participate in national conversations about the future of higher education.



We hope you connect with our staff, learn what we’re about, and visit us often.