Welcome to The Nonprofit Institute at Portland State University!

PSU’s Institute for Nonprofit Management (INPM) has become The Nonprofit Institute (NPI). In collaboration with community stakeholders and representatives from PSU’s College of Urban and Public Affairs, College of the Arts, the School of Business’ Impact Entrepreneurs program, and the School of Social Work’s Center to Advance Racial Equity, we have reimagined our vision and repurposed our focus so that we can think more holistically about how we can best support the sector to address its challenges.

NPI's Mission

Our mission is to support the Oregon nonprofit sector so that it can fulfill its promise of bringing people together to build a more just, inclusive, and sustainable society.

To support our mission, we will endeavor in partnership to:

  • Build the nonprofit sector's capacity to organize and lead
  • Strengthen and grow its networks
  • Tell the sector's story and articulate its promise
  • Advance vanguard issues affecting the sector and those it serves
  • Facilitate collaborations to address issues collectively across sectors

If you have questions about NPI, please contact npi@pdx.edu.

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