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Welcome to the Middle East Studies Center!

The mission of the Middle East Studies Center is to serve our students, city, and world through the creation of a diverse, inclusive community and the promotion and sharing of scholarship on the Middle East, North Africa, and Southwest Asia.

Overview & Welcome

The Center's core responsibilities are academic: to help sponsor conferences, speakers, training programs, and other relevant events and activities related to Middle East studies. The Center further seeks to guide and train students who plan to make a career in this field. To support these initiatives, the Center will work, as necessary, with academic and administrative units across campus, and devise strategic plans, both for strengthening and developing Middle East studies at Portland State and for building academic and administrative ties to the Middle East itself. As an outgrowth of these core responsibilities, MESC will also conduct outreach activities with local, national, and international educational and community organizations.

Please explore the site and read a message from our Center's director.

Academic Options

Certificate in Middle East Studies

A multidisciplinary course of study, students are afforded an overview of the history, religions, politics, and languages of the Middle East. The certificate is applicable in a variety of fields.

Contact Dr. Kimberly Brown for more information

Certificate in Global Studies

Exposes Portland State students to the economic, cultural, political, environmental, and social aspects of both globalization and global studies. 

Visit The Certificate in Global Studies' website

Major or Minor in Middle East Language

 Enhance your knowledge of the Middle East through language with options in ArabicPersian, Turkish, and Hebrew.

For more information, visit the World Languages and Literature website.