PSU Mail Services

Personal Mail Guidelines for Mail & Parcel Service

Mail Services has a simple but vital mission: to deliver incoming mail and parcels as addressed and to process outgoing mail and parcels as directed. Because we are a publicly funded institution our services are limited to the delivery and pickup of official university mail, parcels/packages (i.e. UPS, Fedex, DHL) and interdepartmental correspondence only.

Materials Management Services (MMS) employees and resources may not be used to receive, ship, deliver or otherwise handle the personal mail and/or parcels/packages of university faculty, staff or students.

Departments may, or may not be, notified when mail and/or parcels determined to be personal are refused delivery.

Incoming Mail

Non-university related items and/or personal items may not be sent to Mail Services via any of the university's post office boxes (including PO Box 751), nor may they be sent to a department's physical address (i.e. 1825 SW Broadway Ave., 1719 SW 10th Ave.)

Mail Services does not receive, process or store mail for students (personal or otherwise). If you are a PSU student, or if you are a family member of a PSU student please visit the Montgomery Service Desk's website for more information regarding student mail/parcels.

Outgoing Mail

Outgoing personal mail may not be directed through Mail Services. Personal mail received by MMS will be returned to the sender if the origin can be determined without opening sealed envelopes or packages.