Global Studies is the interdisciplinary exploration of globalization in all its forms, whether economic, political, cultural, digital, or biological. Our program’s goal is to foster a deep understanding of global issues, such as social justice and human rights, environmental justice, health, international conflicts, gender and sexuality, and labor rights.  Globalization’s diversity entails various approaches to understand its complexity. So, the Global Studies program is inherently multidisciplinary. The program is taught by scholars from disciplines as diverse as history, geography, communication, economics, linguistics, and political science and covers an exciting array of topics, such as capitalism, ecology, popular culture, urban and rural transformations, and migration. Our students learn processes at a global level, which entails engagement beyond any single world region.

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We offer a major and a certificate in Global Studies.

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Students can take exciting courses in face-to-face, hybrid, or online formats on topics such as global migration, digital globalization, media and international relations, cyberwar and espionage. Our department values internships in a wide variety of areas and encourages students to study abroad.

Contact your CUPA professional advisor or the program faculty advisor, Prof. Shawn Smallman, with questions about our program or course offerings.