What is Europe? A birthplace of democracy and fascism? A cradle of civilization and colonialism? A meeting point of imperialism and socialism? A source of modernity and violence? An intersection of East-West and North-South divisions? European Studies in the Department of International and Global Studies offers courses that explore this bundle of contradictions within the vast and dynamic conglomerate called “Europe.” 

Our faculty consist of scholars with diverse disciplinary backgrounds who approach the complex issues of urbanism, nationalism and populism, modern culture, migrations, social movements, and the idea of united Europe from interdisciplinary perspectives. They share not only professional knowledge but also personal experiences of living in Eastern and Western Europe.

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We offer a Certificate in European Studies

Students can choose intellectually stimulating courses in face-to-face and online formats. Portland State University has contacts with multiple European universities that provide study abroad opportunities.

Students are encouraged to contact their CUPA professional advisor or the program faculty advisor Prof. Evguenia Davidova.