Daniel Ballhorn - Biology

The effects of CO2 and soil salinity on plants and plant-microbe interactions.

Mike Bartlett - Biology

Basic mechanisms and origins of eukaryotic-type transcription systems.

Brad Buckley - Biology

Physiological responses of marine species to elevated temperature and other stressors.

Sarah Eppley - Biology

Ecology and evolution of angiosperms and bryophytes, and understanding the roll of stress in extreme environments.

Dirk Iwata-Reuyl - Chemistry

The chemistry and enzymology of RNA modification.

Annie Lindgren - CLEE Director

Deep sea biodiversity, cephalopod taxonomy and evolution.

Jay Nadeau - Physics

Imaging techniques and instruments for bacterial imaging in extreme environments and space.

Brooke Napier - Biology

Immune system regulation during infection.

John Perona - Chemistry

Quantitative biology of the protein translation apparatus. 

Jason Podrabsky - Biology

Physiological response and adaptation to life in extreme environments, particularly in killifish and their larvae. 

Anna-Louise Reysenbach - Biology

Ecology, evolution and biodiversity of microbes inhabiting high temperature terrestrial hot springs and deep-sea hydrothermal vents. 

Todd Rosenstiel - Biology

Plant-functional biology, biosphere biology, and the interactions between the biosphere and atmosphere. 

Ken Stedman - Biology

Ecology and evolution of viruses of the Archaea, transcriptional regulation.

Anne Thompson - Biology

Role of marine microorganisms in shaping the Earth System.