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Currently, CLEE houses eleven faculty from the departments of Biology and Chemistry

Mike Bartlett

Basic mechanisms and origins of eukaryotic-type transcription systems.


Brad Buckley 

Physiological responses of marine species to elevated temperature and other stressors.


Sarah Eppley

Ecology and evolution of angiosperms and bryophytes, and understanding the roll of stress in extreme environments.


Dirk Iwata-Reuyl

The chemistry and enzymology of RNA modification.


Niles Lehman

Prebiotic chemistry and the origins of life on Earth. 

John Perona

Quantitative biology of the protein translation apparatus. 

Jason Podrabsky

Physiological response and adaptation to life in extreme environments, particularly in killifish and their larvae. 

Rahul Raghavan

Evolutionary processes that facilitate lifestyle shifts in bacteria.


Anna-Louise Reysenbach

Ecology, evolution and biodiversity of microbes inhabiting high temperature terrestrial hot springs and deep-sea hydrothermal vents. 

Todd Rosenstiel

Plant-functional biology, biosphere biology, and the interactions between the biosphere and atmosphere. 

Ken Stedman

Ecology and evolution of viruses of the Archaea, transcriptional regulation.