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Helping students tap into their entrepreneurial potential 

PSU educators are on the frontlines fostering the next generation of talent. For faculty looking for ways to further student learning, the following events and programs are entry points to encourage students to get students involved in the entrepreneurial community on campus.

PSU Programs

Undergraduate Capstone (SBA)
The Business “Strategy” Capstone is a way for business students from different majors to combine their knowledge and work with an external partner. Students conduct a comprehensive analysis of an organization, its industry, competitors, and general environment to inform viable strategic alternatives. Deliverables range from a business plan to more targeted analyses such as a feasibility study for a new product or service. These services are provided to community partners at no cost over a ten-week academic term.

MBA Consulting Project
In this capstone course, MBA+ and MSFA students work with businesses and nonprofits to solve a real business problem. A faculty advisor guides and mentors the students, who typically spend a minimum of 175-200 hours each on the project. In the early project stages, students assess the needs and context of the challenge and develop an approach to the analysis of the problem. The project concludes with a presentation of findings, recommendations, and implementation suggestions to the client.