AEC Archives

The Archives provides records and information management advice, assistance, training, and storage. It serves as an access point for inquiries into PSU campus history.

Contact PSU’s Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Archives (AECA) at or 503-725-5854.

AECA is open 8am-5pm, Monday-Friday by appointment. We are located in the basement of the University Services Building (617 SW Montgomery St.) in Room 20, which can only be accessed by going through the Stores opposite the elevator.

Goal and Mission

AECA's goal is to ensure that all records created by and for Portland State University’s Planning, Construction and Real Estate (PCRE) division remain accessible for as long as its stakeholders require. In the pursuit of this goal, the archives’ mission is to ensure transparency, authenticity, reliability, integrity, and usability of records. To achieve these, AECA strives for institution-wide recordkeeping practices that are effective and in compliance with legal requirements, university policy, administrative needs, and community expectations.

Holdings Information

The archives captures and preserves information related to the PSU built environment beginning with the relocation to the Park Blocks in the early 1950s and up to the present day.

AECA holdings include public records of past planning, demolition, construction, and renovation projects on campus; architectural drawings of campus buildings; photographs of campus structures, projects, old South Park Block houses and businesses; public art installations; and more.


AECA provides a variety of services to PSU staff and the general public. Our primary service to the public is to provide information regarding and access to public records related to construction, planning, development, and campus structures.

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The archives provide a variety of services available to any member of FADM. These include assistance, consultations, information, and training in retention, storage, destruction, control, and preservation of physical and electronic records and information.

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