Corbett Building

Corbett Building Exterior
2828 S Corbett Avenue, Portland, Oregon 97201-4827

45.5024132, -122.6749737

About the building

Corbett Building is a two-story brick and concrete structure with a basement level garage that also houses laboratories. Located a short distance off PSU campus at 2828 SW Corbett and Kelly Avenues, the Corbett Building is home to the Portland State Business Accelerator entrepreneurial program. The Accelerator provides office and lab space plus various optional services for technology and science focused business startups. PSU acquired the building in 2004. The building was originally named Cascade Plaza and was designed by the architect, Robert S. Leeb, in 1965 for the Dan Davis Corporation.

Building Details

Square Footage
Gross Square Footage: 62,785
Net Assignable Square Footage: 47,059

Building Code: COR

Number of Levels: 3

Year(s) Built: 1965