Student & Community Organizations

There are a number of organizations on campus for students. Here are just a few to help you to get involved in campus activities. If you are interested in community involvement, check out the Community Organizations list below.

Campus Cultural Centers


Student Organizations


Student Assistance Programs at PSU

  • African American Student Services:  African American Student Services (A.A.S.S) provides academic support services, advocacy and campus navigation.  We provide connection to African American community services and resources for incoming freshman, transfer and continuing students. A.A.S.S also provides a supportive and welcoming environment for African American students as they transition to the P.S.U academic environment or continue their education at P.S.U. AASS assists students who are seeking a cultural connection at Portland State University through community building activities and connecting participants to P.S.U student groups and faculty, as these are essential components to achieving academic success.
  • Guide, Persist, Succeed (GPS) Program:  The Guide, Persist, Succeed (GPS) Program in the Multicultural Retention Services department offers general academic support to students who are first-generation, low-income and from diverse and multicultural backgrounds. The program will aid you throughout your college experience by providing general academic advising, connections with a diverse and multicultural on-campus community, and referrals to campus and community resources. 
  • Accessing the Cultural Capital Essential to Student Success (ACCESS):  The ACCESS Program is designed to help support students during their first year at Portland State University by providing academic advising, help with identifying and setting academic goals, and referrals to campus and community resources.
  • Diversity Scholarship Program:  The Diversity Scholarship program promotes diversity and student participation in campus life through volunteerism and academic excellence. Scholarship recipients will share their unique strengths and diverse perspectives through their involvement in on-campus activities, in the classroom and through their participation in community service. The Diversity Scholarship is a renewable tuition-remission credit in the amount of 12 undergraduate credits at the resident tuition rate excluding fees (actual amount varies). 


Community Organizations