Center for Black Studies

Walidah Imarisha at a podium

Established in 1970, the Center for Black Studies at Portland State University facilitates the study of the past and present experiences of black America. Among the goals of the center is to act as a forum between faculty members and students of different disciplines who share an interest in Black Studies; to collect and disseminate information which accurately reflects and helps improve the black experience; and to link the University and black communities by maintaining an active role in community service.

The center provides the University and the broader community with cultural activities and the stimulation of an exciting and enlightening intellectual atmosphere in the Portland community, contributing to greater understanding and cooperation between races. A lecture series brings to the campus and the Portland community black speakers of different disciplines and philosophies who have made notable contributions to society. The center promotes national and international activities in this area through the generation of grants, proposals, and programs that combine University staff, money, and expertise with resources from the government and the private sector.