Currently Accolades: Published/Exhibited for December 1, 2020

Two people read the back cover of a book at the Portland State University bookstore.


Every week during the academic year, Currently celebrates faculty and staff accomplishments, including appearances on panels, presentations, recent publications or performances, and research grants.

  1. Paula Carder, Institute on Aging director, co-authored “Public Housing With Services for Older Adults With Developmental Disabilities: Differences in Efficacy Among Asian and White Communities” in the Journal of Aging and Environment.
  2. Craig Epplin, world languages and literatures faculty, published a translation titled “Dispatch from the Clorox War” in Guernica.
  3. Juan Manuel Heredia, architecture faculty, wrote “The First Modern Building in Mexico: The Twin Houses of Paul Artaria and Hans Schmidt,” published by Arquine.
  4. Nariyo Kono, university studies and Center for Public Service faculty, co-authored “Post-Native-Speakerism and the Multilingual Subject: Language Policy, Practice and Pedagogy” in the book “Native-Speakerism,” which is part of the “Intercultural Communication and Language Education” book series published by Springer. 
  5. Mellie Pullman, business faculty, published “Sustainable Food Logistics Systems” in The Oxford Handbook of Supply Chain Management.
  6. Carolyn Quam, Speech and Hearing Sciences faculty, co-authored “Infants' Discrimination of Consonant Contrasts in the Presence and Absence of Talker Variability” in Infancy on Oct. 16.
  7. Carolyn Quam, Speech and Hearing Sciences faculty, and Todd Bodner, psychology faculty, co-authored “Sound Discrimination and Explicit Mapping of Sounds to Meanings In Preschoolers with and without Developmental Language Disorder” in the International Journal of Speech-Language Pathology.