Extend the value of your degree with a minor in Applied Linguistics

Applied Linguistics has strong connections to many fields - social sciences, English, international studies, social work, language study, computer science, speech and hearing, and more. Leveraging those connections, a minor in Applied Linguistics will expand your horizons and employment options. 

Starting Fall 2021, the minor in Applied Linguistics Requires:

  • LING 390, Introduction to Linguistics (4 credits). This course provides a foundation for studying linguistics and conducting linguistic analysis. It includes phonology, morphology, syntax, and semantics, and a brief overview of other topics such as language variation in social contexts.
  • 24 credits of electives (6 courses), planned in consultation with the Applied Linguistics faculty advisor. At least 20 credits must be LING courses at the 200-level or above. Up to 4 credits may be an approved linguistics-related course in another department.

Advising and grading requirements: By the end of the first quarter of the program, students must consult with the Applied Linguistics faculty adviser to plan appropriate electives. All courses used to satisfy the department major or minor requirements must be graded C or above. Courses taken for a "pass" grade during the Covid pandemic are acceptable for fulfilling department minor requirements. Twelve of the 28 credits must be completed at PSU.

Minor Requirements Prior to Fall 2021:

  • 3 required courses (12 credits): LING 390 (Introduction to Linguistics), LING 392 (The Structure of English Language), LING 490 (History of English)
  • 4 upper-division LING courses (16 credits)

People in [the computer science] class were jealous of me because I already knew the IPA and other things you get out of LING 390.

--S. Braich, Natural Language Processing and Applied Linguistics Student, 2020