James R. Nattinger Scholarship

About the Scholarship

The James R. Nattinger Endowed Scholarship is awarded to one MA TESOL student each year. The scholarship, usually $9,000-$12,000 per year, provides support for an outstanding student who has research interests in TESOL or Applied Linguistics. The scholarship honors the first chair of PSU Applied Linguistics, James R. Nattinger, who was an award-winning scholar and beloved teacher. 

Please help outstanding students complete their M.A. in TESOL by donating to the James R. Nattinger Scholarship fund.

Applying for the scholarship

Applicants must be graduate students who are in good standing in the Applied Linguistics department or who have applied for admittance to the MA TESOL program. 

The 2021-2022 James R. Nattinger Endowed Scholarship application is closed. Please check back in Fall 2021 for the 2022/2023 deadline. 

Delaney Ybarra 2020/2021
Amber Sanchez 2019/2020
Rossina Soyan 2018/2019
Sasha Krafft 2017/18
Vanessa Howe 2016/17
Christine Holland 2015/16
Tim Krause 2014/15
Rianna Morgan 2013/14
Eric Dodson 2012/2013
Jessica Hanson 2011/2012

Sara Juveland 2010/2011
Elisabeth Babcock 2009/2010
Sarah Braun-Hamilton 2008/2009
Jasmin Kratzer 2007/2008
Annie Sergey 2005/2006
David Baroffio 2003/2004
Krisda Chaemasaithong 2002/2003
Miranda Novash (nee Kussmaul) 2001/2002
Nathaniel Halloran 2000/2001
No recipient 1999/2000
Kristen Setzler 1998/1999
Jeff Maggard 1997/1998