Open Education at Portland State University

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Portland State University aims to put students’ learning  first by implementing cost saving strategies, increasing inclusion efforts, and improving academic success. Open educational practices support each of these areas.  OAI offers pedagogical, logistical, and technological support to enable faculty to implement open educational practices in their courses.


At OAI, we collaborate with faculty to revise courses and replace high-cost course materials with Open Educational Materials, free teaching and learning materials released under a license that permits their unrestricted reuse. We specifically focus on high-enrollment, gateway courses in order to have the most impact on student success. 


One-on-One Consultations

OAI Open Education experts work with faculty on an individual basis to identify and implement OER and Open Pedagogies in individual courses. Faculty can learn more about strategies to support students through the use of OER, aligning Open practices with course outcomes, and implementing technologies to facilitate Open Pedagogy. Set up an appointment with us at

Open Textbook Review Opportunities

Several times a year, OAI and the library host OER review workshops that will walk faculty through the process of finding and reviewing OER that are relevant to the classes they teach. Faculty who complete the review process are provided a stipend for their time. This workshop can be offered by arrangement if requested for a department or college.

Open Education Academic Innovation Mini-fund (AIM)

The Open Ed AIM program allows faculty to work in a cohort over five months in order to make an Open Education-related change to a course they teach. OAI staff work closely with faculty to support their OER Goals such as finding OER and replacing their traditional textbook, developing Open Pedagogy assignments, or creating supplemental materials using an open licence. The RFP is typically announced in fall term for participation in the AIM over the following Winter-Spring terms.

High-Impact Course Re-Designs

Departments that are interested in redesigning all sections of a course or a series of courses can work with OAI staff to realize that goal. OAI can provide pedagogy, instructional design, and open expertise as well as logistical and financial support as needed.

PSU Library Open PDX grant program 

The PSU library offers several grants to support the creation, adaptation, or adoption of OER. 


Through university-wide and external partnerships, the Office of Academic Innovation is working to build a culture of open at Portland State. We are collaborating with the following offices and organizations:

PSU Library

PSU Bookstore

Open Textbook Network

Open Oregon Educational Resources