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Department of Sociology
Welcome to Sociology. Sociology is a fascinating and widely applicable field which teaches how to think about the way people create, maintain and are affected by social forces.

Critical thinking, problem-solving, written communication, oral communication and interpersonal skills are all cultivated by studying sociology.  We are a department that is excited about the opportunities that sociology has for students and welcome you to explore the world through a sociological perspective.

We are pleased to introduce you to our department. Please take the time to browse our website and learn about us!

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Undergraduate Academic Advising


Fall Term Drop-In Advising Hours

Monday-Thursday 11:00 am - 1:00 pm

Kris Lucht Adams -


October 2016 Faculty Achievements 


Maura Kelly (Sociology faculty) and Gordon Gauchat co-Authored "Feminist Identity, Feminist Politics: U.S. Feminists' Attitudes towards Public Policies," Sociological Perspectives 59(4) 855-872.

Amy Lubitow (Sociology faculty), Jen Rainer (PSU Sociology MA graduate), and Sasha Bassett (Sociology graduate student) co-authored "Exclusion and Vulnerability of Public Transit: Experiences of Transit Dependent Riders in Portland, Oregon" forthcoming in Mobilities

Gascón, L.D. and Aaron Roussell (Sociology faculty) co-authored "An Exercise in Failure: Punishing "At-Risk" Youth and Families in a South Los Angeles Boot Camp Program" forthcoming in Race & Justice

Aaron Roussell (Sociology faculty), Henne,K., Glover, K., and Willits, D. co-authored "The Impossibility of a "Reverse Racism Effect." A Rejoinder to James, James and Vila" forthcoming in Criminology & Public Policy

Kim Kahn, Melissa Thompson (Sociology faculty), and Jean McMahon co-authored "Race, Mental Illness and Police Use of Force" forthcoming in Journal of Experimental Criminology

Awards or Recognition


Career Progression

Sarah Aktepy (Sociology doctoral student) passed her gender comprehensive exam. 

Sarah Aktepy, Sociology doctoral student, joined the Center to Improve Veteran Involvement in Care (CIVIC) as a Research Health Science Specialist and Qualitative Analyst at the Portland VA Health Care System (PVAHCS) Office of Research and Development. 

Bob Liebman (Sociology faculty) submitted a grant to the NSF-NSA GenCyber program for $99,718 to fund teacher workshops and a weeklong cybercamp for teachers and students from 10 high schools to examine strategies for engaging underrepresented students (women and minorities).

Community/Policy Engagement and Media Attention

Sarah Aktepy, Sociology doctoral students, agreed to be a member of the Service Women's Action Network (SWAN).

Sarah Aktepy, Sociology doctoral students, was invityed to join the 1st Annual Planning Summit of The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace in Washington DC. 

Ginny Garcia-Alexander (Sociology faculty) was a member of the panel "Applying a Health Equities Lens to the Design and Selection of Strategies" at the New Paradigms in Obesity Management CME (hosted by Legacy Health & OHSU). 

Maura Kelly (Sociology faculty) presented a study co-authored with Lindsey Wilkinson (Sociology faculty) "Workforce Diversity in the Highway construction Trades: Evaluation of the BOLI/ODOT Highway Construction Workforce Development Program" to BOLI-ODOT and other stakeholders in the construction trades. 

Dara Shifrer (Sociology faculty) and Rachel Fish co-authored a research brief Variation across Schools in Disability Classifications Process, 2006-07 to 2011-12 for the Houston Education Research Consortium and Houston Independent School District in Houston, Texas. 


Tina Burdsall (Sociology faculty) and Betsy Natter (Interim Director of the Honors College) presented "Fostering Professional Networks for Diverse Students" at the Forum on Diversity at the National Collegiate Honors Council Annual Conference in Seattle, Washington. 

Ginny Garcia-Alexander (Sociology faculty) presented "Health Equity and Obesity Disparities: Social Foundations of Health" at the New Paradigms in Obestity Management CME (hosted by Legacy Health & OHSU).

Bob Liebman (Sociology faculty) presented a poster at the GenCyber Directors September 2016 meeting on the CyberPDX integrated curriculum. 

Dara Shifrer (Sociology faculty) presented "Stigma and Stratification Limiting the Math Course Progression of Adolescents Labeled with a Learning Disability" at University of Oregon's Department of Sociology Quarterly Research Colloquium Series in Eugene, Oregon. 

Dara Shifrer (Sociology faculty) presented "Inconsistency and Subjectivity: Differences across Schools in Otherwise Similar Students' Likelihood of Classification with a Disability" to Rice University Houston Education Research Consortium in Houston, Texas. 

Prestigious Service



Hyeyoung Woo (Sociology faculty) received funding to participate in the Tenth Annual Research & Coaching Clinic, hosted by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation in Denver, Co. 

Service to the Discipline

Bob Liebman (Sociology faculty) did a review for Sociological Perspectives

Sociology Graduate Student Organization (SGSO)

Mission: To provide opportunities for graduate sociology students to create a support network that reflects their unique needs and provide them with a voice within the sociology department. The SGSO strives to develop a support network by fostering relationships with department faculty members, and providing mentorship to incoming sociology graduate cohorts and undergraduate students, while also providing a voice through organization and participation in sociology department activities and projects. Working to build professional skills and encouraging advanced participation in department activities for its members, the SGSO is dedicated to sustaining an open and inclusive environment for all sociology graduate students.


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