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Student Health Advisory Board (SHAB)

Every year SHAC has a Student Health Advisory Board (SHAB) where students are able to work directly and advise SHAC staff on policies, student issues, budgeting, insurance, and outreach. To contact the board please email

Current Members of the 2015-16 Student Health Advisory Board

Cody Graham

Cody Graham is a non-traditional student-veteran studying health sciences with a concentration in community health education. As a third year board member and chair, he hopes to lead SHAB in a direction that results in increased advocacy and improved health policy on PSU’s campus. After he completes his degree he hopes to work for a non-profit. When not studying or in school he likes to spend time with his wife and dogs, and enjoys exercising, gaming, and being in the outdoors.

Dechen Dolkar

Dechen Dolkar is a senior pursuing a B.S in Community Health Education and taking prerequisites to apply to Osteopathic schools. Born in Bylakuppe, India, at the age of six, she emigrated to the US with her father. That pivotal moment to the present gravitated her towards pursuing a career that intersects public health with medicine. She is also currently committed to a public health research internship at PSU. She enjoys reading memoirs or non-fiction in general, listening to her favorite podcasts, or learning a new cooking recipe.

Barb Payne

Barb Payne has been active on nonprofit boards for the last 15 years, starting her career during her undergrad here at PSU in 2000. Currently, she is a Masters Candidate in Public Administration where she is active on the Public Administration Student Association Board and also serves as the Vice-Chief Justice for the ASPSU Judicial Review Board. Barb will complete her studies in 2016.


Erica Lee Barrios

Erica Lee Barrios is originally from California, but is a proud Oregonian, having called Oregon home since kindergarten. Erica began her college journey at Portland Community College Rock Creek and now is at Portland State pursuing a health sciences degree. In this position, she looks forward to serving and representing her fellow peers. She loves spending time with her family and friends, shopping, bike riding, and taking care of two pet bunnies.

Carina Guzmán

Carina Guzmán is a senior in the Community Health Education major. She is originally from Bogotá, Colombia and moved to Portland about five years ago. She began her college journey at MHCC in 2010 and then transferred to PSU. Carina was drawn to the Public Health field for its social justice focus and she seeks to further her studies in Global health and Reproductive Justice. Among her interests are community organizing, policy work, and community education. Carina spends most of her time at SMSU in community and loves her position as the Vice-director of Las Mujeres; a Latina empowerment organization, along with he involvement with the Interfaith Leadership Team. In her free time you can find her salsa dancing, enjoying a good cup of coffee, or reading a book in Spanish.

Briznangelica Garcia Briznangelica Garcia started school as a nursing student in Chemeketa and later realized she did not want to treat diseases, but would rather prevent them. She then decided to transfer to PSU and major in Community Health. She really enjoys working with kids and plans to open a non-profit organization to teach them about nutrition and health and encourage them toward a good path. She will be graduating in the summer of 2016 with a B.S. in Community Healthy and minor in psychology with a focus in child development. Some of her hobbies include hanging out with friends and family, shopping, volunteering with kids, eating food, reading, and going on walks.

Justin McquistonJustin Mcquiston's personal and professional experiences enable him to bring a strong background in business and knowledge of nutrition and preventative health ideas to SHAB. His professional goal is to complete his MA in Public Administration (Health Admin) and manage a team within the healthcare industry. Either in the scope of the ever-growing health insurance realm or under the umbrella of a large clinic/health care provider. He has a passion for nutrition and preventative medicine and constantly strives to make healthy choices in his day-to-day life, as his SHAB "motto" would suggest: "A healthy choice now, is a healthy you later." He could not be more excited and honored to represent his fellow Vikings on the Student Health Advisory Board, and promises to keep the interest of the PSU student in the forefront on all decisions.

Kelly SimpsonKelly Simpson is a senior working towards a B.S. in Biology and prerequisites for Pharmacy schools. After working for a time as a Pharmacy Technician, she was motivated to pursue a more active role in community health. Outside of that, she enjoys spending time with friends, the local Portland offerings, and managing her coffee and cat addictions.


James LingJames Ling is a junior, who moved to Portland from the small town of Roseburg with big aspirations. He started out as a chemistry major, but soon found his passion for the Spanish language and is now working toward a B.A in Spanish and prerequisites for osteopathic school. Some of his hobbies are hanging out with friends, going on walks with his new German shepherd puppy, and practicing Spanish.