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Student Health Advisory Board (SHAB)

Every year SHAC has a Student Health Advisory Board (SHAB) where students are able to work directly and advise SHAC staff on policies, student issues, budgeting, insurance, and outreach. To contact the board please email

SHAB is currently looking for members to participate on the 2013-14 board. The deadline to apply is October 29, 2013. See the full job description and how to apply.

Advisor: Nick Walden Poublon, Student Health Advisor

Current Members of the Student Health Advisory Board

  Cody Graham -- I was born in Hillsboro, OR in 1988. Growing up I was involved in sports and was a scholar athlete. During high school I joined the Navy and shipped out to boot camp right after graduating. While in the military I was deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom as a hospital corpsman. A year after my deployment, 1st Battalion 7th Marines was tasked with becoming a Marine Expeditionary Unit Specialists (a fancy word for amphibious combat ready). After obtaining that we were deployed again to the 31st MEU and toured the Pacific Rim. After coming home I decided to end my enlistment to pursue higher education. I enrolled in PSU as a health sciences major with a focus on community health education. In addition to going to school, I work for SHAC as a student employee. I am a member of the SHAB board, and also a member of the Viking Vets. My expected graduation date is 2016. I like running, hiking, outdoors stuff, and have a passion for cooking and health – they go hand in hand.

AC Nguyen -- My hobbies are playing tennis, hanging out with friends, eating good food, and having conversations. My health related interests with the new SHAB is the cases that may not be as common. Being able to adapt and prepare to deal with these cases in the future makes us more prepared and ready to help. Not to say that common cases that SHAC already can handle aren’t important, but adapting and learning are valuable to our cause at Portland State.
  Kate Jensen -- I am a junior studying Health with a concentration in Aging Services. I first became interested in Health Studies after taking a Health Care Economics class. Where school is my priority, I also enjoy playing intramural soccer and volunteering for an academic publication on campus. I am looking forward to a career in caring for others.
  JD Newby -- I am a Health Studies Major here at PSU. I grew up a huge sports and fitness fan and enjoy the great outdoors. My health interests prospered in my service as a United States Hospital Corpsman, which created my aspirations in healthcare. My time at PSU has turned my focus towards public and community health care and to give back to my community. I hope to become a healthcare professional after my time at PSU and continue to give back to the community which has done so much for me.



Mary Frances Ritchie -- I am currently obtaining my Master's in Public Health: Health Management and Policy from Portland State University. I first became interested in working with student health when I worked for the Safe Zone Program of the University of North Carolina at Asheville. My current studies include the study of health insurance policy, health systems delivery, budgeting, health of populations (student issues), and the reform of Oregon’s health system. I have a strong background in and commitment to working with students, faculty, and staff on creating healthier and safer spaces on campus, as well as promoting health policies on campus that are inclusive.