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Student Health Advisory Board (SHAB)

Every year SHAC has a Student Health Advisory Board (SHAB) where students are able to work directly and advise SHAC staff on policies, student issues, budgeting, insurance, and outreach. To contact the board please email

SHAB is currently looking for members to participate on the 2014-15 board. The deadline to apply is October 31, 2014. See below for more information. Please forward application and any questions to Student Health Advisor Nick Walden Poublon at Click here for a pdf copy of the job description.


Current Members of the 2014-15 Student Health Advisory Board

Cody is a non-traditional student-veteran studying health sciences with a concentration in community health education. As a third year board member and chair, he hopes to lead SHAB in a direction that results in increased advocacy and improved health policy on PSU’s campus. After he completes his degree he hopes to work for a non-profit. When not studying or in school he likes to spend time with his wife and dogs. Cody likes exercising, gaming, and being in the outdoors.
Sarah is pre-health post-baccalaureate student at PSU. She is continuing her studies at PSU after having earned an MA in English (with a focus on the rhetoric of health, illness, and medicine) from the University of British Columbia. This fall will mark her second year as a part of the SHAB board and the first term as its co-chair. When not in SHAC, the classroom, or the library, you might find her spending time with patients at OHSU, walking her dog Mac, or making far too many recipe substitutions.
Kaitlyn is currently a senior at PSU in the Public Health program and expects to graduate in December. As a Portland native, being active and healthy has always been forefront in her lifestyle. She stumbled into the health professional career track after she was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease at 17 years old. Having emergency surgery and spending a week in the hospital exploded her curiosity and respect for modern medicine and the health field. She explored various fields, including nursing and naturopathy, and eventually, discovered her passion in Community and Public Health. Kaitlyn realized that the core principle in health is education; teach the people to take control of their bodies and their health, give them the means and tools to do so, empower them, and you will have a healthier community. After graduation, she hopes to work for either the government or non-profit organization in the community, working directly with minority and disadvantaged groups towards better, healthier lives.
Dechen is a senior, pursuing a B.S in Community Health Education while taking the necessary prerequisites required to apply to Osteopathic schools. She was born in Bylakuppe, India and at the age of six, emigrated to the United States with her father. Life experiences from that pivotal moment to present gravitated her towards pursuing a career that intersects public health with medicine. In addition to being a member of the SHAB, she is currently committed to a public health research internship at PSU. During her free time she enjoys reading memoirs or non-fiction in general, listening to her favorite podcasts, or learning a new cooking recipe. She is very excited to develop and utilize her public health skills towards enhancing the well-being of my fellow students!
Barb has been active on nonprofit boards for the last 15 years, starting her career during her undergrad here at PSU in 2000. Currently, she is a Masters Candidate in Public Administration where she is active on the Public Administration Student Association Board and also serves as the Vice-Chief Justice for the ASPSU Judicial Review Board. Barb will complete her studies in 2016.