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About Us

We're experts in the practice of collaborative governance

We advance the use of collaborative governance methods in Oregon and nationally through innovative services, education, and research that help people collaborate to address public issues and implement community-based solutions.

Our work reaches all of Oregon and beyond. We've facilitated discussions that helped Oregon and neighboring states agree on shared plans for protecting endangered species. We've helped local Oregon communities agree on highway projects to address congestion in their towns. We've helped small communities find funding to build a new school, improve libraries, and support entrepreneurship. And we've facilitated large-scale policy development and implementation of education and health care reform in Oregon.

Collaborative governance is a way of governing that allows communities, businesses, and organizations to have a role in public decisions that affect them. It also allows them to work together on solving public problems and improving their communities.

We're a neutral forum

As part of the College of Urban and Public Affairs at Portland State University (PSU), we draw on the neutrality and scholarly resources of the university. We play a key role in fulfilling PSU’s commitment to community engagement, student learning, and applied research.

We serve government, nonprofits, communities, students, and professionals

We provide classes and internships for university students, and for non-university professionals and organizations. We work with local, state, and federal government entities, non-government organizations, and community members in Oregon to address public policy issues collaboratively. And we collaborate with other states to advance the use of collaborative governance approaches nationwide

We are committed to equity

An important purpose of collaborative governance is to bring a full range of voices together to build on the promises of democracy. Institutional racism and other inequities hinder this aspiration from being realized. We are committed to striving for equity both in our projects and in our organizational culture. We approach this work as learners.


Our work helps people use collaborative governance approaches

Our work includes the following: 

Technical assistance and consulting

We consult with government leaders and universities—statewide and nationally—to expand collaborative governance knowledge and practice.


We manage and facilitate public projects that bring stakeholder groups together to explore each other’s viewpoints and to seek agreement on public issues or implement agreed-upon solutions.

Public engagement

We coordinate online public engagement, civic crowdfunding, and microlending to allow the public to give input to government leaders, and to help communities improve their local economy.

Education and training

We offer collaborative governance classes, internships, and customized training that prepare students and professionals to collaborate on public issues, to apply collaborative approaches to their current profession, or to work in the public engagement and conflict resolution fields.

Applied research, development, publications, and videos

We contribute knowledge to the collaborative governance field by testing and studying the collaborative governance methods we use in our projects. We also produce and distribute tools and resources, including publications and videos that promote best practices for using collaborative governance.

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Our specialized programs work together to address public issues

We have several programs that work together to accomplish our mission:

Oregon Solutions

Oregon Solutions helps communities implement changes that support Oregon's sustainability objectives for the economy, environment, and community.


Oregon Consensus

Oregon Consensus helps stakeholders avoid or resolve conflicts about public policies.

Oregon's Kitchen Table

Oregon’s Kitchen Table helps Oregonians give input on public issues through a website and public meetings. The program provides consulting services to help communities gather input on local issues, and facilitates crowdfunding and micro-lending campaigns for civic projects.



NPCC Education Programs

NPCC Education Programs provide customized professional training, university courses, and internships in public policy facilitation and collaborative governance.


NPCC National Program advances best practices nationwide

Our National Program works nationwide to develop and pilot best practices across the collaborative governance spectrum. 


We work on a wide range of public issues

  • Aging
  • Agriculture
  • Air quality
  • Economic development
  • Education
  • Emergency management
  • Endangered species
  • Energy
  • Environmental protection
  • Equity and diversity
  • Flood prevention
  • Forest fire prevention
  • Forest management
  • Health care
  • Housing
  • Land use
  • Natural resource management
  • Population forecasting
  • Poverty
  • Public land management
  • Strategic planning
  • Transportation
  • Water quality and quantity
  • And many more!


NPCC is funded in part by the Oregon Legislature as well as by grants and fees for services.