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National Policy Consensus Center
The National Policy Consensus Center advances the use of innovative collaborative governance methods in Oregon and nationally by providing collaboration services, university courses, professional training, and research. We help people work together collaboratively to develop public policy and implement community-based solutions.

Collaboration and Community Engagement Services

We help government, nonprofits, the private sector, and communities collaborate to:

  • Resolve public disputes
  • Seek agreement on new public policies
  • Implement community solutions collaboratively to improve local economies and quality of life
  • Increase public participation that has a collective impact on public issues

Education and Professional Training

We offer academic programs and customized professional training to prepare students and professionals to:

  • Use consensus-seeking to resolve policy disputes
  • Apply collaborative approaches in their current professions
  • Work in the fields of conflict resolution and public engagement

    Applied Research and Development

    We have several state and national programs that work on the ground to:

    • Pilot special projects to test innovative practices in collaborative governance and public engagement
    • Work with other states to advance the use of collaborative governance approaches nationwide
    • Publish collaboration resource materials

    Contact us at 503.725.9077 or to find out how we can serve you.


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