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National Policy Consensus Center
The National Policy Consensus Center (NPCC) is an applied research and development center in collaborative governance that serves both the state of Oregon and a national audience.

The Center offers students and faculty real-world experience that informs both research and teaching. NPCC is a credible, neutral forum and provides this asset to leaders and their communities seeking to address public issues and opportunities.

The National Policy Consensus Center is working to fully develop a robust spectrum of collaborative governance activities to improve governance and outcomes for communities and their leaders. 

 The Center houses the following programs:



Oregon Solutions the state's program for collaborative implementation
Oregon Consensus the state's program for collaborative public policy development and dispute resolution 
Oregon's Kitchen Table an experiment that sets the table for all Oregonians to weigh in on our most urgent public issues
National Program a national program to test and disseminate new collaborative governance models
Professional Development Program customized training for professionals, teams and leaders that expand the capacity for collaborative governance within the region
Academic Programs training in public policy facilitation and internship opportunities for graduate students throughout the Oregon University System