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Public History Program

In the PSU Public History Program, students and faculty connect to local, regional, national, and global audiences through community-based courses and projects.

As public historians we are committed to engaged scholarship and use many methods and approaches to study the past. We have expertise in oral history, publications, public programs, and the uses of technology in historical projects that range from archives to exhibits.

In the public history program, students and faculty explore the past with an eye toward communicating their questions, discoveries, and interpretations broadly with other practitioners and with the general public. We do this by fostering partnerships with community groups and organizations such as the Oregon Historical Society, Washington State University, Vancouver, Fort Vancouver, and the Center for Columbia River History. Through these partnerships, PSU students have access to internships, courses, and other research, learning, and pre-professional opportunities.

If you have a passion for the past, the study of public history is excellent preparation for careers in education, museums, libraries and archives, and many other institutions.  Public History provides skills, background, and contacts for government and public service as well as in journalism, editing, and fundraising/ development.