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Conflict Resolution Program
Welcome to the Conflict Resolution Program

The Conflict Resolution Program offers either an Undergraduate Degree or Masters Degree. Both degrees draw from and contribute to theories and insights in the field, as well as preparing students for professional work. The program currently offers the following areas of concentration:

  • Theory and Practice
  • Peace and Justice
  • International and Intercultural Conflict Resolution

Undergraduate Courses:

Graduate Courses:

If you are considering applying to the Graduate program please click here:

Students entering this program are expected to develop an understanding and appreciation of the theoretical, conceptual, and methodological breadth of the field. Students are also encouraged to broaden the scope of their studies by pursuing their own particular interests in the study of conflict resolution and integrating their life experiences and ideas into their studies.

Student and advisor work together to design an individualized program based upon each student's particular interests in the field of conflict resolution. Some current areas of interest in this field include violence prevention, mediation, negotiation, facilitation, restorative justice, nonviolent social change, international conflict resolution, and dispute systems design and evaluation.

"What I really find impressive about the term and the program so far is how far reaching all the material and experiences are.  How in the perspectives class we are learning the theories, then in mediation we are learning and practicing a skill, then in practicum we reflect on these aspects of the program, then take these reflections out into the community to see a real life application of our studies.  This well rounded education has been helpful and will continue to be rewarding in the future."   Jesse Manuto,  2013 cohort

If you'd like more information about the program, please see the Admissions section.