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Inside the Oregon LECC

Inside the Oregon LECC
Helping the state and local communities to develop data and policies regarding appropriate use of race, color and national origin in police actions.

Research Topics

Research Topics
To facilitate informed decision making by engaging in and disseminating the results of applied research studies that help build knowledge about effective approaches to preventing and controlling crime.

Research Team

Research Team
The CJPRI research team is assembled with passionate criminal justice professionals offering a diverse range of skills and experience.
Let the Criminal Justice Policy Research Institute Serve You


Criminal Justice Policy Research Institute (CJPRI), located in downtown Portland, provides multidisciplinary research for criminal justice and community organizations throughout Oregon and nationally.

The institute strives to meet the research needs of its diverse clientele and improve the body of literature pertaining to criminology and criminal justice issues through independent research projects with a focus on both theory and practice.  The researchers at CJPRI have a diverse set of interests and skills and welcome inquiries for collaboration on a wide range of research issues. CJPRI research projects have focused on urban crime and policing, public perceptions of crime and justice, rehabilitation and correctional best practices, domestic violence, and immigration and crime.  Researchers working with CJPRI can provide a wide variety of methodological techniques to answer research questions including complex statistical analysis, database development, GIS mapping, survey research, literature reviews, process evaluations, and policy and program evaluation.  CJPRI has also developed and supported training programs to address concerns over race/ethnic profiling in law enforcement.

To learn more about the work of CJPRI please explore the links to our Research in Brief Series, Newsletters, and the different tabs on this website.

CJPRI Research in Brief Series:

The goal of the Research in Brief Series is to highlight key findings and policy issues from research projects the institute has supported.  The briefs are written in an easy-to-follow language; are short and to-the-point; and are intended to be useful for criminal justice practitioners, policymakers, and citizens.

Explore our current Research Briefs.

CJPRI Newsletters:

The Criminal Justice Policy Research Institute's Newsletters highlight some of the major research and community activities the institute has been engaged in over a one to two year span.

Link to NEW CJPRI Newsletter 2012-2013

Explore our all CJPRI Newsletters.


To learn more about CJPRI's efforts to address concerns over racial profiling in Oregon read the 2011 LECC Annual Report now available online!


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