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MG403 Communication

Certificate Track: Business Management

Organizational communication is a make-it or break-it proposition. Capable leaders who treat communication like any other business strategy create healthy cultures whose businesses thrive. The rest of us suffer from ill-designed communication and poor information flow--oftentimes leaving some in the know and the rest of us wondering.

Communication is a problem if organizations aren't intentional and strategic about how information flows. Too little or too much information stalls progress. And unfortunately communication all too often happens haphazardly and sometimes insidiously through unhealthy patterns. Join us for a culture dig to find out exactly what your communication says about your organization's culture, team and group dynamics, leadership, collaboration and conflict, and information management; and tap into others who can advise your growth. Take away a plan to communicate your findings and recommendations to your superiors.      

Cost: $549
Discounts may apply, please refer to the registration page for details.

Instructor: Tonia Twigger
Tonia Twigger is principal of Tonia McConnell & Associates, a cooperative consulting group specializing in team development, training, and leading change. She holds an MS in instructional technology and is a certified Myers Briggs Type Indicator facilitator. She has 20-plus years of instructional and program design experience in public and private sectors. With Paul Spindel, Ms. Twigger teaches “Creating the Life You Want” workshops. She works as a coach and mentor with people who are trying to change the course of their lives. Her mission is “behold, ask, learn, create, share, connect.”

Interested in bringing this program to your organization? Contact Michelle Giovannozzi.