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BP141 Agile Project Management

Organizations are increasingly adopting Agile methods to help their projects deal with expanding uncertainty and complexity. As such, experienced project managers and other stakeholders are interested in the costs and benefits of Agile Project Management versus traditional project management. Agile methods and practices entail enhanced roles and responsibilities and new opportunities to improve effectiveness and efficiency. A shift to Agile means learning how Agile projects differ from traditional projects, how to apply familiar project management skills in new ways, and learning how to capture the benefits and real-world results that Agile methods can deliver. This two-day class explores the knowledge,
skills and techniques needed to transition to Agile project management.

Key Outcomes

  • Compare and contrast traditional project management characteristics with Agile project management characteristics
  • Compare and contrast linear project management life cycle with Incremental, Iterative, 
  • Adaptive, and Extreme project management life cycles 
  • Know when to use the Agile project management processes
  • Explain the benefits of Agile project management processes
  • Define the roles of the key players in the Agile team
  • Explain the successful attributes of a project team and the team’s role in an Agile environment
  • Describe most significant challenges in transitioning to an Agile environment

Cost: $549
Discounts may apply, please refer to the registration page for details.

Instructor: Ron Sarazin
Ron Sarazin is president of Olympic Performance, Inc., a consulting company, and CEO of Process Path, Inc., a software company. He holds a BS in industrial engineering from Oregon State University and completed advanced training at the University of Idaho and Stanford University. Mr. Sarazin has held leadership positions with ALCOA, PACCAR, PGE, and Mutual Health Systems, Inc. He is an accomplished author and trainer, and his most recent publication, Action with Traction, is available on Amazon. Mr. Sarazin has been active in his profession and the community, and is a youth soccer coach.

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