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What Can I do With a Degree in Art?

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Advising & Career Services' Resources

  • Artist's & Graphic Designer's Market by Writer's Digest Books. Describes "where and who to sell your illustration, fine art, graphic design & cartoons."
  • Becoming a Graphic Designer: A Guide to Careers in Design by Steven Heller & Teresa Fernandes. Describes design specialties, businesses, options, and education.
  • Careers in Art: An Illustrated Guide, second edition by Gerald F. Brommer and Joseph A. Gatto. Describes career areas, typical jobs, education and experience requirements. Includes careers profiles.
  • Careers for Color Connoisseurs & Other Visual Types by Jan Goldberg. Describes fine arts or arts-related careers.
  • Great Jobs for Art Majors, second edition by Blythe Camenson. Describes potential career paths for art majors.
  • The Fine Artist's Career Guide by Daniel Grant. Includes chapters on Establishing a Presence in the Art World, The Search for Art-Related Income, Art-Related Employment, Making a Living as a Printmaker or Sculptor, Careers in the Art World, and Careers in Design.
  • Top Careers for Art Graduates by Checkmark Books. Describes many arts jobs including: antique/art dealers, film editors, illustrators, painters, and sculptors.

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Vocational Biographies

Vocational Biographies describes the career success stories of 1001 real people. Search by career title, keyword, topic, and career cluster. Username: portland su and pass code: 3w9n.

  • Advertising Photographer
  • Animator
  • Antiques Appraiser
  • Art Conservator/Framer
  • Art Critic
  • Art Gallery Owner
  • Art Handler
  • Arts Funder
  • Book Designer
  • Church Art Restorator
  • Commissioned Portrait Painter
  • Courtroom Artist
  • Custom Linens Designer
  • Editorial Cartoonist
  • Glassblower
  • Graphic Designer
  • Jewelry Designer
  • Magazine Art Director
  • Mosaic Artist
  • Natural History Artist
  • Packaging Design Director
  • Paper Artist
  • Pencil Artist
  • Photographer
  • Police Artist/Fingerprint Technician
  • Sculptor
  • Stained Glass Artist
  • Toy Sculptor
  • Web Site Designer
  • Wildlife Photographer

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Sites with Career-Related Information for Art Majors

  • A Career Guide for Studio Art Majors - Learn about skills developed by artists, possible job titles, places of employment, and strategies to prepare for a career in art. From Fine Arts Career Services, the University of Texas at Austin.
  • Art and Art History - Includes possible job titles, places of employment, skills acquired by art students. From the Career Centre at the University of Toronto at Mississauga.
  • Studio Art - Describes skills and career possibilities for art students. Majors and Careers Series, from the University Division, at Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana.
  • Visual Arts - Describes related occupations and types of employers for visual arts students. From Career Services, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, New Jersey.
  • What Can I do With a Major in Art? - Lists related career titles. From the Career Services Office at the University of North Carolina, Wilmington.

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Sites with Job Search Resources for Art Majors

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Places of Employment

Students who major in art develop skills that are highly valued by employers. These skills include: critical and creative thinking; oral, written, and visual communication skills; the ability to take multiple approaches to solving problems; adaptability; the ability to work effectively individually and collaboratively; the ability to interpret cultures; organization; research and synthesis. Students and alumni may find employment in government, nonprofits, educational institutions, and businesses, depending on their skills and experience. Internships or relevant part-time jobs may be a prerequisite to finding employment.

The following list of employers and job titles was derived from Advising & Career Services' jobs database where the employer specifically requested art majors. This list does not reflect all potential places of employment or kinds of jobs for art majors. This list does not reflect current openings.

The following list was generated from a variety of sources (Google, Portland Craigslist, Flipdog, Indeed, SimplyHired, among others) using keywords such as graphic design, animation, art, design, sculpture, printmaking, drawing, photography, and illustration, Portland, Oregon, etc. This list does not reflect all potential places of employment or kinds of jobs for graphic design majors. This list does not reflect current openings

Arts Organizations

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Professional Associations


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See also What Can I do With a Major in Art History?

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