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What Can I do With a Degree in Anthropology?

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Places of Employment

Anthropology majors develop skills that are highly valued by employers. These skills include: critical thinking, research, analysis, oral/written communication, presentation, & problem solving skills. Students and alumni may find employment in government agencies, nonprofits, educational institutions, and businesses depending on their skills and experience. Internships or relevant part-time jobs may be a prerequisite to finding employment.

Jobs Reported by Anthropology Majors

    This is a list of jobs anthropology majors reported having at graduation. It was generated from survey data published by colleges and universities across the United States. Advising & Career Services provides this list as a tool for generating ideas for exploration.

    • Account Executive for a marketing company
    • Admissions Advisor for a university
    • Agent Trainee for global talent agency
    • Analyst for a consulting firm
    • Archeology Lab Manager for a historic site
    • Archeology Technician for a federal agency
    • Archaeologist/Lab Tech for a tribal council
    • Archaeological Technician for a cultural resource management firm
    • Assistant Director of Annual Giving for a college
    • Assistant for a talent/literary agency
    • Assistant Language Teacher for a Japanese cultural exchange program
    • Assistant Video Producer for a radio station
    • Associate Consultant for a global management consulting firm
    • Biological Technician for a federal government agency
    • Business Advisor for a bank
    • Business Analyst for a management consulting firm
    • Care Coordinator for a community-based nonprofit
    • Child Case Manager for a behavioral health agency
    • Claims Analyst for a health insurer
    • Client Services Specialist for a software manufacturer
    • Clinical Research Coordinator for a University
    • Communications Specialist for a philanthropy
    • Community Action Program Assistant for a small public high school
    • Community Development Assistant for a community center
    • Copywriter for an online catalog
    • Director of Development for a faith-based organization
    • Director of Operations for a nonprofit serving youth
    • English as a Second Language Instructor for an international nonprofit organization
    • English Teacher for a Ministry of Education program
    • Event Coordinator for an American opinion journal
    • Facilities Manager for a media company
    • Field Archaeologist for a cultural resource management firm
    • Field Archaeologist for a museum of archeology
    • Financial Analyst for a university
    • Group Counselor for a social services nonprofit serving youth/families
    • Immunization Program Research Assistant for a state public health department
    • Lab Assistant for a community hospital
    • Lab Manager/Researcher for a university
    • Lab Technician for a university
    • Legislative Aide for a state government
    • Librarian for a regional library
    • Marketing and Outreach Coordinator for trekking guide company
    • Marketing Assistant/Exhibits Manager for a university press
    • Media Associate for a public policy/research/advocacy nonprofit
    • Middle School Math & Science Teacher for an educational nonprofit
    • Multimedia Specialist for a university
    • National Leadership Consultant for a national sorority
    • Outreach Coordinator for an environmental nonprofit
    • Peer Health Education Program Director for a university
    • Physician Scribe for a hospital
    • Production Assistant for a design company
    • Program Manager for a university alumni association
    • Project Coordinator for a nonprofit research foundation
    • Project Manager for a public science center
    • Project Manager for an international coffee company
    • Quality Assurance Analyst for a health-related nonprofit
    • Recruitment Coordinator for a global construction consulting firm
    • Research Assistant for a children’s hospital
    • Research Assistant for a global public health organization
    • Research Assistant for a marketing research company
    • Research Assistant for a national laboratory
    • Research Assistant for an educational & research institute
    • Research Associate for a cultural/educational nonprofit
    • Research Associate for a public health institute
    • Research Coordinator for a hospital
    • Research Technician for a federal agency
    • Researcher for a global media company
    • Student Affairs Officer for a university
    • Teacher for a national education nonprofit
    • Trainee for a wealth management firm
    • Trainer for a medical device supplier
    • Underwriting Assistant for a commercial insurance agency
    • Writer for a law firm

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    Vocational Biographies

    Vocational Biographies describes the career success stories of 1001 real people. Search by career title, keyword, topic, and career cluster. Username: Portland su and pass code: 3w9n

    • Anthropologist
    • Archivist
    • Archaeologist
    • Historic Park Manager
    • Museum Curator
    • Museum Registrar

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    Professional Associations

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    Internet Sites with Career-Related Information for Anthropology Majors

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    Internet Sites with Job Search Information for Anthropology Majors

    Department of Anthropology - Portland State University

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