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Fixit Repair Stands

Self-Serve Bicycle Repair Stands

It’s a situation most bicycle riders have been in before. A slight adjustment is needed. Some air in the tires or perhaps a pedal that just came loose. But where do you go when the Bike Hub isn’t open or you don’t have time to visit? The next best option is now available.

Wehave installed four Fixit bicycle repair stands around campus. The stands, two of which were donated by Clif Bar, boast all the tools you need to perform basic repairs and maintenance. 

A hanger arm allows for suspending your bicycle from the saddle so your wheels and pedals can spin freely while making adjustments. A tire pump stands at the ready and on secure, stainless steel cables are basic bicycle tools. Attached are tire levers, wrenches, screwdrivers and a pedal/headset wrench combo.

Also, for when you need a little extra assistance, use your smartphone to scan the Quick Read (QR) code on the front of each fixit stand. A database of repairs pops up with detailed instructions for your fix, so you can get back on the road quickly.
We invite you to familiarize yourself with their locations. Your next repair may depend on it!

Bicycle Fixit Repair Stand Locations

  1. The Bike Hub
  2. The Library
  3. Smith Memorial Student Union
  4. Engineering Building
  5. Inside UCB Bike Garage
  6. Inside FAB Bike Garage
  7. Inside SEC Bike Garage
  8. Outside of Blumel Bike Garage
  9. Outside of MCB Bike Garage
  10. Science Building 1