Featured Community Partner: Fat Fancy

Fat Fancy is a radical plus size clothing boutique where fashion, feminism, queer, class and body politics intersect. Fat Fancy is owned and run by two fat, queer, working-class, Latina women. We started this project in 2007, selling clothing out of our founder’s studio apartment. From there, we set up an underground clothing boutique in a friend's basement where we held monthly sales and saved every penny towards the goal of getting a brick and mortar storefront.  In 2009, we opened a storefront in Downtown Portland.

We sell male and female gendered, plus size, vintage and modern, clothing, shoes and accessories at affordable prices. We provide a safer place for fat people, queer people, and people who can’t afford to shop at the other plus sizes stores (because most plus size clothing is very expensive).

We serve our product with a sizeable side dish of body positivity, self-acceptance, and fat activism. We discourage diet talk and negative body talk in the store. We do a lot of talking it out with people and opening up of minds and hearts. We have helped people feel comfortable baring their arms for the first time. We have helped people feel sexy for the first time.  For many fat, queer, POC, transgender, supersize and differently-abled folks, we have delivered positive shopping experiences and helped them find outfits that make them feel great and empowered. We also serve as a size positive hub, hosting events and offering referrals and resources.

We would love to work together with you to create a practicum program specific to fit your needs and Fat Fancy’s needs.

There are opportunities to learn in a wide range of arenas; fat activism, body positivity, business development, small business, marketing and advertising, social media, shop management, retail, fashion, art and visual displays, merchandising, event planning and community organizing, graphic and web design, online sales, etc…

A few examples of things you could learn:

-How to translate your politics into a viable career/business.

-How to start a small business on a shoestring budget.

-How to help people find outfits they look and feel great in, empowering them in the world!

-How to introduce people to fat activism and body positivity. The sky is the limit!


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