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From Breath to Action:

Scholarship Recipient Aleris Villegas Reflects on her Trip to the Philippines


"The opportunity provided through the Anna T. Rigles Scholarship to be among 18 delegates from the Portland region to attend an International Solidarity Mission (ISM) and the International Conference on People’s Rights in the Philippines (ICPRP) was life-changing. After studying about the political, economic, and social conditions of the Philippines, it was even more agitating to experience them first-hand. Every day, as more human rights violations were exposed I was able to witness the active resistance of the people. As Professor Sarah E. Mundo said during a workshop at ICPRP, “We carry the beauty of the earth. We are very gifted people and we don’t want to waste that gift being silent, but active.” This speaks to the historical legacy of resistance and the liberation movement that continues to strengthen in the face of imperialism and increased militarization." Read Aleris' full reflection here



WGSS Professor Jamie Ross Attends the Women's March on Washington

Dr. Ross kept a travel journal reflecting on her three days in Washington. She captured her swells of outrage and inspiration during the inauguration, the march, and the moments in between. Jamies said she marched, "...because we have struggled hard to make the small advances in civil rights that we actually have, and "all hands on deck" are needed to show that we will not give them up for ourselves and all people who come to our shores." Click here to read Jamie's thoughts and to view her photos from the march.