The Regional Research Institute for Human Services conducts research and evaluation with the goal of improving the lives of under-served children, adults, and families. Here are some of the services we offer.


Consultation on internal program monitoring and evaluation activities  

Assistance in the development of outcome and quality assurance data systems and feedback mechanisms.

Analysis of existing program data

Help to make use of data to improve practices, policies and programs as well as in communication with stakeholders.

Research integrity and guidance

Guidance on research integrity and compliance with federal guidelines for the protection of human subjects; facilitation through the Institutional Review Board process at PSU.

Development of measurement tools

Measurement development, including tools to assess fidelity to intervention approaches or program models. 

Program Theory Development

We can help you create a logic models for a new program or cross-system initiative



Survey administration

Development of web-based data collection protocols and procedures.

Qualitative data collection

Data collection through a range of qualitative methods, including interviews, focus groups, observations, and ‘diary’ methods.



Statistical analysis of quantitative data, including secondary analysis of large data sets.

In-depth analysis of qualitative data.



Production and dissemination of high quality reports and presentations.


Virtual Coaching Platform

The Virtual Coaching Platform (VCP) is a set of coordinated, web-based tools that are designed to facilitate the use of video material for research and human resource development. [MORE INFO]

Other Services

Proposal development

Literature reviews for background information, promising interventions, evidence based practice, program models and approaches, prior research.