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Real Estate Development Workshop Projects

Real Estate Development Workshop Projects

Each Winter and Summer, students in the PSU Real Estate Development Workshop produce a development plan for a property site in the Portland or Seattle area. Students form a real estate development team and produce an original development plan, including the development concept, the market analysis, the conceptual design, economic analysis, capital and operations budget, and management plan.

The students' plan demonstrates and applies mastery of the development concepts and tools learned through their Master of Real Estate Development (MRED) coursework. The Center greatly appreciates the support of the National Association of Industrial and Office Properties (NAIOP), the Building and Owners Management Association (BOMA), and numerous private sponsors and real estate industry mentors over the years.

Union Park, NAIOP Workshop Project, Summer, 2016

2016 PSU/NAIOP Summer Real Estate Development Workshop Team members include (front row): Kristina Benson, Chad Encinas, Mackenzie Kisiel, Colin Kelley, (back row) Kathy Berg, ZGF Architects (panel), Kimberly Branam, Portland Development Commission (panel), Vanessa Sturgeon, TMT Development (panel), Daniel Silvey, Joe Welliver, Tyler Dubois, Vern Rifer (instructor), Deb Scott, Tiffany Schweitzer, Hoyt Street Properties (panel), Andrew Lords, and Gerard Mildner (Center Academic Director).


The Kelsey, NAIOP Workshop Project (Seattle/Bellevue), Winter, 2016

2016 PSU/NAIOP Workshop Development Team members include (front row): Jerry Johnson, Johnson Economics (Instructor), Cameron Brown, Jeff Hubbard, Cameron Chester, Kerry Steinmetz, (back row) Gerard Mildner (Center Academic Director), Jennifer Arnold, Lisa Young, Darrin Brightman, Marc Strabic, Alec Lawrence, Alex Joyce, and Scott Holden.


Oregon College of Art and Craft (OCAC) Workshop Project, January, 2016

2016 PSU Workshop Team members include: Gerard Mildner (Center Academic Director), Vern Rifer (instructor), Scott Holden, Nate Raynor, and Alex Joyce. Not pictured is Bob Sassa.


The Morrison Mercantile, BOMA Workshop Project, Summer, 2015

2015 PSU/BOMA Workshop Development Team members include (standing): Khalid Alballaa, Scott Kueny, Kevin Clark, Vern Rifer (instructor), Joel Thomas, Paddy Tillett (industry mentor), Ann Young (industry mentor), Gerard Mildner (Center Academic Director), Brad Malsin (industry mentor), Emma Pelett (property owner), (seated) Barbara Fryer, Erik Pattison, Carly Harrison, Liz Hutchinson, Clancy Terry and Nate Raynor. Not pictured is Synkai Harrison.


The Exchange, NAIOP Workshop Project, Winter, 2015

2014 PSU/NAIOP Workshop Development Team members include Jason Wald, MK Long (industry mentor), Dave Garnand (industry mentor), Jurie Lewis, Kirk Olsen (industry mentor), PSU University President Wim Wiewel, Bryce Payne, Adam Boehm, Bob Sassa, and instructor Jerry Johnson.


1631 NW Thurman, BOMA Workshop Project, Summer, 2014

2014 PSU/BOMA Workshop Development Team members include instructor Vern Rifer, James Wang, Jason West, Maddie McMonies, Jovan Young, Jana Faro, Christe White (industry mentor), Kalie Bader (industry mentor), Joe Zody (industry mentor), Tom Remmers.


The Eastside Central, NAIOP Workshop Project, Winter, 2014

The 2014 NAIOP Workshop student team and their mentors. From left to right, Bruce Burns, Burns Brothers; Jerry Johnson, Johnson Economics, Jeff Shindler (PSU), Blas Delascio (PSU), Benjamin Chessar, PacTrust, Jana Faro (PSU), Angela Guo (PSU), Kent Wu (PSU), Geoff Falkenberg (PSU), Elizabeth Heredia (PSU), Dr. Gerard Mildner (PSU).

Reinventing the Water Tower, BOMA Workshop, Summer 2013

2013 BOMA Workshop student team and mentors (standing, from left to right): Michael Gum; Travis Meinhold; Morgan Brakken; Robert Pile; Noshad Rahimi; Frank Tea; Mitch Powell; and Kali Bader, Rembold Companies (seated), Ann Young, US Bank; Jim Mark, Melvin Mark Companies; Christe White, Radler White Parks Alexander; and Dustin White, GBD Architects.


The Kaiser Blocks, BOMA Workshop, Summer 2012

BOMA workshop 2012 Report (PDF)










2012 BOMA Workshop student team and mentors (seated, from left to right): George McCleary, Randy Mueller, Andy Shaw, (second row, Peter Skei, Matt Tackett-Nelson, Rahim Abbasi, (third row, John Sullivan, Kaiser Permanente; Dr. Gerard Mildner, PSU Center for Real Estate; Dr. Abe Farkas, ECONorthwest).

Sunset District NAIOP Workshop Project, Winter, 2012


2012 NAIOP Workshop student team (from left to right): Bryant Cheong, Matthew Craigie, Jeff Sakamoto, Michael Weidmann, Khoa Le, and Kent Wu


The Benson Blocks, BOMA Workshop, Fall 2011


Download the presentation: Benson Blocks PPT_v9_2011.pdf



NAIOP 2011

2011 NAIOP Workshop Student Team and NAIOP mentors

Copies of the students' workshop projects can be found at the following links: