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Take a bigger, bolder step toward your career goals with a professional online certificate from Portland State University's Center for Executive and Professional Education. Our non-credit certificates are a fast, affordable and practical way to learn strategic skills from industry experts. You’ll find high-quality, fully online courses that move you forward. 

Customer Success

Customer Success is one of the fastest-growing careers in the United States, with 72% of Customer Success professionals working in the rapidly expanding SaaS and IT industries. Different from customer service, which has traditionally been a reactive approach to solving customer problems, Customer Success is a proactive relationship management approach with a keen focus on realizing a customer’s desired outcomes. As a result, companies see increased customer lifetime value, lower churn rates, increased revenue, among other positive effects.

Business of Craft Brewing

While big name domestic beer sales have decreased, craft brew sales in the U.S. continue to grow, capturing 12.7 percent of the overall market in 2017. With 6,000-plus craft breweries in the US today, a passion for brewing and a good recipe are simply not enough to thrive in such a crowded market. It is essential that craft beverage industry professionals who want to advance their careers, as well as home brewers looking to reach larger audiences by opening up microbreweries, learn about the business side of craft brewing.


Strategic Communications and Public Relations

Strategic communication is the total effort of an organization to inform, motivate, and connect with its various audiences. As social media and the immediacy of digital media takes over the news cycle, understanding how an organization is perceived by its internal and external audiences is essential for success. To communicate effectively with an audience, it is imperative to understand how messages are created and framed, how people respond to messages, and how to best employ communication strategies to advance organizational goals.