Graduate Students

Jaboa Lake

Jaboa Lake received a BA in Psychology with a minor in Sociology from the University of California, Merced in 2013. At UCM she worked in various research labs, such as with Dr. William Shadish, a quantitative psychologist, and Dr. Eric Walle, a social-developmental psychologist. She is currently enrolled in PSU’s Applied Psychology doctoral program, working with Dr. Kahn with an emphasis on social psychology. Jaboa’s interest broadly involve intergroup relations and prejudice, with an emphasis on intraminority intergroup coalition and support for collective action movements. She is also involved with a number of community social justice programs and networks. Jaboa is a strong believer in bridging the gap between academia and the community, and strives towards accessibility of research and active engagement in community-based participatory research.


Jean McMahon

Jean McMahon holds a BA in Psychology from Reed College. A desire to see psychological methods employed for the public good directed her toward applied psychology graduate programs. She joined the Kahn lab in 2012 and began focusing on the intersection of race and gender prejudice, particularly as it applies to ambivalent sexism. She earned her Master’s degree in 2014 and completed comprehensive examinations the following year. Jean’s research interests concern modern forms of subtle prejudice that appear harmless or positive, such as benevolent sexism, shifting standards, or positive stereotypes. She also assists Dr. Kahn with projects in the domain of policing, including stereotype threat, mental illness, race, and use of force.

Emma Money

Emma Money received a BS in Psychology from Western Washington University in 2015. At WWU she worked with Dr. Alex Czopp on his research concerning stereotyping and prejudice as it pertains to intergroup relations. She also worked with Dr. Cristina Sampaio in her lab looking at spatial and facial memory. As a PSU doctoral student in the Applied Social Psychology program working with Dr. Kahn, she is interested in researching the influence of intersecting identities on experiences of prejudice and expressions of bias. Furthermore, she is interested in integrating into her research: masculinity ideology in the realm of police behaviors, intersections of race and non-binary gender identities, modern sexism, and modern racism.


Research Assistants

August Krater

August Krater graduated from Reed College with a BA in psychology. His areas of interest include interpersonal perception and memory. He has been an RA for GRASP lab since 2013, and serves as the webmaster for this site.





Maria Villarreal

Maria is a post-bac psychology student. She received her Bachelors of Science degree in Mathematics at the University of Central Florida. Her research interests include the intersection of racial and gender prejudice and interminority relations. She plans to pursue a graduate degree in social psychology.





Amanda Sundah

Karlo Valle

Brandon Labadie


Graduate Student Alumni

Aurelia Alston, M.A.

Aurelia T. Alston completed her Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology at Saint Mary’s College of California and her masters degree in Applied Social Psychology at PSU. She is currently a currently a UX researcher at Amazon.

J. Katherine Lee, M.A.

J. Katherine Lee received her Master of Art's degree in Psychological Research at California State University, Long Beach, working with Dr. Dustin Thoman in May 2012. She is currently a Human Behavior Researcher for the Diversity Analytics Team at Amazon.