Gender, Race, and Sexual Prejudice Lab

The Gender, Race, and Sexual Prejudice (GRASP) Lab at Portland State University is run by Dr. Kimberly Barsamian Kahn.  Using a social psychological perspective, GRASP Lab examines contemporary forms and expressions of prejudice, stereotyping, and discrimination.  We study bias directed towards racial minorities, females, sexual minorities, and other stigmatized group members.  We value intersectionality and understanding hidden forms of bias both between and within groups.

Some of our current projects include: 

  • Understanding and improving police–minority relationships
  • Studying the role of race and mental health issues within policing
  • How race and gender impact benevolent sexism
  • How race affects pedestrians’ experiences at crosswalks
  • Intraminority coalitions to combat racial bias in policing
  • Reducing stereotype threat against women and ethnic minorities in STEM
  • Understanding the effect of armed police officers on college campuses
  • Police and community member responses to shootings of unarmed racial minorities