Kimberley Brown

Kimberley Brown


Applied Linguistics - Liberal Arts & Sciences

Office hours will be held via Zoom. Email Dr. Brown to get the link to her Zoom meeting room. 


A dedicated Midwesterner (Chicago and the Twin Cities), I love the cold.  My academic and personal interests lie in the intersection between language and culture.  I believe in the power of a strong liberal arts education. I am a generalist and feel most at home teaching the Introduction to International Studies course, various colloquia, and culminating senior seminars. Recent seminar topics have included Linguistic Human Rights and Food Security.

My foreign language profile includes fluency in French and Farsi. I lived in Iran from 1978-1981 (revolution, hostage crisis, Iran-Iraq war). My passport got sent to the US Embassy from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs the day the Embassy was taken over. I fall into that broad Portland category “Foodie,” and can get instantly distracted by almost anyone or anything linked to tea, chocolate, and the healing properties of foods. I have walked in two marathons and recommend running. I now restrict myself to walks under ten miles in length!


International development education, intercultural competence assessment, food commodity chains, and the trail of chocolate, tea, and coffee.

Courses Taught

  • INTL 201 Introduction to International and Global Studies
  • LING 391: Introduction to Applied Linguistics
  • INTL399 Human Rights and Language
  • INTL 407 Senior Seminar (with topics such as Linguistic Human Rights and Food Security/Food Insecurity)
  • LING 391: Introduction to Applied Linguistics
  • LING 407: Senior Seminars: Historiography of Applied Linguistics, Linguistic Human Rights [INTL], Food Security [INTL]
  • LING 435/535: Theories and Practice in Applied Linguistics
  • LING 471/571: Understanding the International Experience
  • LING 475/575: Curriculum Design and Materials Development in TESOL
  • LING 477/577: TESOL Methods I 
  • LING 478/578: TESOL Methods II
  • LING 481/581: World Englishes

Representative Publications

  • Smallman, S. & Brown, K.  (in press). Introduction to International and Global Studies. Chapel Hill, NC: University of North Carolina Press, 3rd edition. (Original work published 2011).
  • Baumgardner, R. & Brown, K. (2012). English and Advertising in Iran. World Englishes, 31(3) 292-311. doi: 10.1111/j.1467-971X.2012.01761.x
  • Brown, K. and LeVelle, K.  (2007). Reconfiguring the TESOL methods sequence.  In B. Johnston & K. Walls (Eds.), Voice and vision in language teacher education: Selected papers from the fourth international conference on language teacher education (pp. 205-224).  Minneapolis, MN: University of Minnesota Press.
  • Brown, K. (2006).  Models, methods, and curriculum. In Y. Kachru & C. Nelson (Eds.), Handbook of World Englishes. Oxford, England: Oxford University Press.
  • Brown, K.  (2003-2006). World Englishes in TESOL programs:  An infusion model of curricular innovation. In D. Hall & A. Hewings (Eds.), Innovation in English language teaching (pp. 108 -117).  New York: Routledge. Reprinted with permission from (1993). World Englishes, 12(1), 59-73.
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  • Ph.D. Second Languages and Cultures Education, University of Minnesota 1988
  • M.A. TESOL, University of Minnesota 1978
  • Teaching Certificate (MN) French and Social Studies, Macalester College 1975
  • B.A. Geography, French, and Anthropology, Macalester College 1974