Currently Accolades: Published/Exhibited for April 26, 2021

Woman sits in front of sculptures


  1. Jola Ajibade, geography faculty, co-authored the article “Predicting Why People Engage in Pro-sustainable Behaviors in Portland Oregon: The Role of Environmental Self-identity, Personal Norm and Socio-demographics” in the Journal of Environmental Management.
  2. Jola Ajibade, geography faculty, and Michael Egge, doctoral student, published “A Community of Fear: Emotion and the Hydro-social Cycle in East Porterville, California” in the Journal of Political Ecology.
  3. Robert Asaadi, political science and international and global studies, presented his paper “Executive Power in the Islamic Republic of Iran in Theory and Practice” on a panel titled “Institutional Incentives Across Regime Types” on April 14.
  4. Robert Asaadi, political science and international and global studies, served as panel chair and discussant on a panel titled “Security in the Global South” on April 18.
  5. Heejun Chang, geography faculty, and Janardan Mainali, graduate student, co-authored a paper titled “Environmental and Spatial Factors Affecting Surface Water Quality in a Himalayan Watershed, Central Nepal,” published in Environmental and Sustainability Indicators.
  6. Heejun Chang, geography faculty, and Arun Pallathadka, doctoral student, co-authored a paper titled “Assessment of Urban Flood Vulnerability Using the Social-Ecological-Technological Systems Framework in Six U.S. Cities,” published in Sustainable Cities and Society. 
  7. Kimberly Kahn, psychology faculty, and Emma Money, graduate student, published “(Un)masking Threat: Racial Minorities Experience Race-based Social Identity Threat Wearing Face Masks During COVID-19” in the journal Group Processes & Intergroup Relations.
  8. Emily Leickly, undergraduate student, and Greg Townley, psychology faculty and Homelessness Research and Action Collaborative research director, published “Exploring Factors Related to Supportive Housing Tenure and Stability for People With Serious Mental Illness” in the Journal of Community Psychology. 
  9. Thea Prieto, English adjunct faculty, published “A Decade of Women Who Submit” in Poets & Writers.
  10. Jeremy Spoon, anthropology and emergency management and community resilience faculty, and Alisa Rai and Umesh Basnet, research coordinators, co-authored “Understanding Short-term Household Recoveries from the 2015 Nepal Earthquakes: Lessons Learned and Recommendations” in Progress in Disaster Science as a part of a special issue on Nepal’s Reconstruction sponsored by the Nepal National Reconstruction Authority. 
  11. Kristi Yuthas, business faculty, published “Strategic Value Creation Through Enterprise Blockchain” in the Journal of the British Blockchain Association.